Stainless steel pools

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IN-EKO TEAM s.r.o. is a long-time manufacturer of water management facilities that are used not only in wastewater treatment plants but also in many areas of industry.
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EBIA CZ is engaged in the manufacture, development and design of stainless steel equipment and accessories. We provide comprehensive services in the area of manufacture and implementation of small breweries, stainless steel pools and many others. Water jet cutting of materials.

Stainless steel pools

We provide complex service for manufacturing, mounting and maintenance of stainless steel pools including water treatment technology. We can design innovative solutions to meet your requirements. Consultation is matter of course - including all calculations and suggestions for technical solutions for 3D, mounting and maintenance.

The crucial advantage of stainless steel pools is that their service life is unlimited – unlike pools made of other materials – and they are durable against time, mechanical damage and UV rays. Also the cost of mounting and regular maintenance is lower. Since stainless steel pools require low or no amount of chemical cleaners, they are much healthier.

Pools made of stainless steel can be modified after they are mounted – they can be expanded or additional equipment can be added (lights, jet stream, etc.).

Advantages of stainless steel pools

The highest level of hygiene
Long service life
Cheap maintenance – low costs of cleaning
Possibility of individual solutions
Easily modifiable – even years of using
Permanently leak-proof
Smooth surface without chinks
Nehrozí riziko poškození mrazem – bez nutných opatření pro zazimování
Highly elastic material
Durable against mechanical and sun damage
Highly esthetic

Advantages of stainless steel pools EBIA CZ

Swift mounting.
Unlimited possibilities for modifications.
Revolutionary isolation.
Railless roof system
Designs for technical solutions in 3D
Low prices
Consultation and high quality service
Consultation and high quality service
Set up for summer season
Regular maintenance and winterizing


You can acquire following accessories for the swimming pools provided by EBIA CZ:
- banisters, handles, stairs
- water fountains, jets
- drains and overflow grates
- nozzles, floor drains, suction
- complete electro solutions
- massage jets
- air and massage benches

Even the swimming pool accessories can be modified to accommodate your needs.

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