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IN-EKO TEAM s.r.o. is a long-time manufacturer of water management facilities that are used not only in wastewater treatment plants but also in many areas of industry.
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EBIA CZ is engaged in the manufacture, development and design of stainless steel equipment and accessories. We provide comprehensive services in the area of manufacture and implementation of small breweries, stainless steel pools and many others. Water jet cutting of materials.

EBIA CZ company develops and constructs devices and accessories made of stainless steel. Our work is based on traditional industrial heritage of our country and decades of experience as well as high-end technology. Thanks to our international success we can fully focus on production of stainless steel products in unmatched quality.

We offer services in the field of manufacturing and mounting stainless steel pools and stainless steel pressure vessels. These products belong among the most popular in EBIA CZ production for their top quality and additional service.

The mini breweries are a new trend in manufacturing stainless steel products and EBIA CZ will not fall behind. We are able to provide you 100% full service - from cooperation during the design phase, through manufacturing and mounting of the mini brewery, to complete after-service. Just ask us anything!

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