Quality Policy for Stainless Steel Products

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IN-EKO TEAM s.r.o. is a long-time manufacturer of water management facilities that are used not only in wastewater treatment plants but also in many areas of industry.
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EBIA CZ is engaged in the manufacture, development and design of stainless steel equipment and accessories. We provide comprehensive services in the area of manufacture and implementation of small breweries, stainless steel pools and many others. Water jet cutting of materials.


The Quality Policy of EBIA CZ LTD.

The main goal of The Quality Policy of EBIA CZ Company is to ensure that the high quality rules are followed, to achieve clients full satisfaction and through that maintain the company's position on market and its good name.


EBIA CZ Company provides services and products only in the highest possible quality to complete even successfully the most challenging projects. All the services and products can be modified to meet local legal requirements.


The management of EBIA CZ Company therefore declare that:

- quality management will be inseparable part of company's procedures and the management is responsible for following Quality Policy and declared goals,

- we will be constantly improving the current system of quality according to ISO 9001:2008

- we will be systematically collecting and analyzing objective information about demands and intentions of our current and potential clients as well as their satisfaction with our products

- we will ensure the high quality of our products and services by strict following of regulations and instructions of the system of quality management

- the development of our product services will be focused on advanced production programs set by company management and based on marketing researches

- we will be constantly progressing towards permanent improvement of all processes and procedures, we will implement modern production and control equipment in certain fields

- we will reach profitable prices by raising work efficiency and optimization of expenditures

- we will provide our current and potential clients with active service and we will inform them about the development in the field of our products, recommend them more suitable solutions and usage of our products

- we will support the feeling of personnel responsibility for the quality of their work and motivate them to improve

- we will actively collaborate with our suppliers and other partners to fulfill the high quality requirements

- we will allocate adequate resources to achieve the high quality requirements.


The employees are required to:

- be familiar with The Quality Policy and help to fulfill the high quality requirements actively

- follow all the instructions and document of the system of quality management

- constantly improve their work procedures actively

- participate in further education in their field of expertise actively

- follow safety instructions, keep order and to improve the work environment.

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